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i'm still alive

recovered from Covid on July 31st. Went back to work almost 2 weeks after. I got organ damage, i can tell. lungs and heart don't feel the same. sometimes my heart has random palpitations. siiiiiigh :(

yah, i know, i'm just as shocked as your are that i survived. ever since i did, things have been going south for me. kinda wish i didn't survive but the only reason i live is for my cats, my husband and best friend. otherwise, my life is meaningless. but hey, i guess i'm here for a reason

and the new LJ post editor is stupid. wtf?!

anyway, i'm doing ok. ok as i can be
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I guess karma finally caught up to me. I got covid. 50/50 chance since I got underlying conditions. We'll see what happens.

If I pull through, I'll keep my big mouth shut more often.

I love you all. and for the haters? well you got what you wanted.
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Land of Art is Back!!!

Hey guys! Phase 10 of landofart has officially begun!! What is Land of Art? From their About page, "Land of Art is a team community specifically focused on graphics only. If writing isn't your thing, this is the community for you. There are two teams: Team Renaissance and Team Steampunk."

So come on down and join us!! I'm in Team Renaissance so the more the merrier!!

landofart landofart landofart

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I'm getting married on March 31st :D

our first wedding date was supposed to be 11/4/17, but his job screwed him over so he made less $, so it was a no go. and then the 2nd date was 3/17/18 but my nieces went out of town so it was also a no go. so NOW our FINAL date is 10 days!

wish us luck!