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23 October 2006 @ 11:32 am
Tony Munch fans in Canada LISTEN UP!!! I got some info on when "Above and Beyond" will air!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!

It will air next weekend. a two night event. on Oct 29th and 30th. NOT nov. 6th. I'm so glad I googled.

more info:

Kaytee will record it for me. i hope she remembers. :/ she's the only one willing. you will, won't you, Kaytee? you should get a new tape, preferrable one that isn't one of those cheap ones. i hate bad quality. lols! and make sure it'll record for 2 hours each night (it's a 4 hour miniseries), commercials included. everyone who records stuff for me in canada NEVER includes commercials, and that sux. 'cause i wanna see your guys' stuff. :P

it's only gonna be aired in Canada, btw. sorry. :(

oh yeah, i heard Naturally Sadie is getting a 3rd season. not sure when that'll film. All i know is, Tony is a regular on that show now. :D

Sadly, no news on his movie .45. :( IMDb lists that it'll come out this year, but no date is known. dammit!!!!!!!!1 >:(
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