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27 January 2007 @ 11:41 am
daaaamn...i almost forgot that the SAG Awards are gonna be on tomorrow night. Kate Winslet and Hugh Laurie are nominated. kate won't win, though. fucking underrated. >:(
noms: http://www.sagawards.org/PR_070104.htm

About last nights Degrassi:
my neice says that the murder was badly played. that the shooting was much better. :P
The "on the set" segment after the show made me tear up a little. :( poor Ryan.
and EW EW EW @ next weeks promo: Liberty/Toby kissin. NOOOOOOOOOO!! *puke* it's worse than sick and wrong, it's WRONG-SICK!
Current Mood: lazylazy
jennso_severus on January 30th, 2007 08:04 am (UTC)
the murder was like so ugh and short and just no

but yeah - I cried at the end with the ryan leaving. it really didn't seem like he wanted to. Not cool for writing him out of the show after 6 years!

lol for choosing oatmeal

it was so sad when the people who play emma, manny and sean were like tearing...

* is in denial *

and vomit with toby