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24 March 2007 @ 09:55 am
DUUUUUUUDE!!!!!! get your asses to a music sharing community (like leaked or ljmixtape and snag TIMBALAND'S new album. 'cause IT FUCKING RULES!! as expected :P

so far, i love Apologize, One & Only, and Scream the most. Apologize is 10/10 so far. i wish Amy Lee would sing it, though. it would be better. yeah. but i don't see her teaming up with Timbo. :P

I couldn't keep the whole album of course, 'cause of my precious disk space :P but it was a sacrifice i had to make. anyway, i saved 9 awesome songs.

In other album related news, I didn't feel Hilary Duff's new one. it..sucks. :( it made me threw up a little :( i couldn't take it after the 3rd song. so i said "fuck it" and put the damn thing in the recycle bin. MUAHAH!

anyway.....yeah. I should be sleeping right now. 'cause i have to wake up early for my neice's bday party. she's turnin' 17 on monday. she thinks her dad is gonna buy her another car. HA! after what she did a few months ago. totally wrecked the other one. lol!
Current Mood: bouncyOMFG TIMBO!!!
Current Music: Timbaland of course
Schroederschrogwr2 on April 4th, 2007 04:35 am (UTC)
Dignity's not bubblegum/Disney, no, but I see it as her "Depeche Mode tribute", her "early Madonna tribute". Probably a grower all the same, and the guitars on "Stranger" and take some getting used to (weird rhythm on "Never Stop", too) but at least she gets points for trying. To each their own, I guess. (I'm playing it now for the first time)

Enjoy the new Timbaland! :)