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18 April 2007 @ 04:02 am

Look like Lakisha is goin home. I thought Sanjaya did badly. It's his popularity that'll make him stay another week.

as for next week, my prediction goes to Phil. i dunno.

GO JORDIN!!!!!!!!!!!! she kicked ass last night. and i actually liked Melinda for once.


I took my Half-Blood Prince audiobook and uploaded it to 4share. i can listen to the tracks on that site. as long as i long in every month, my files will stay there forever. i love that site. you can only upload a file no larger than 50MB, though. but it's worth it.

so yeah, i deleted that audiobook from my computer, regained 250MB of space again. i couldn't take it anymore.

My mp3 conversion is going well. i think i'll free TONS of space. why didn't i think of this before? *facepalm*

So, from now on, anything i download will be converted to 128kbps.

the ONLY thing i'm not converting is Ev's The Open Door album. that stays untouched. it's my baby. hehe
Current Mood: happyhappy