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12 July 2007 @ 05:07 am
HEHEH! i'm brilliant. someone wanted an icon of Emma doing this. She is responding to this picture

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WAHOO! :P effing credit..and spread the love, OK? lol!


My Snape icon should instead say "I think I'm going to vomit" ..don't ya think? :P *has a macro/icon idea*

best effin' movie!Snape quote EVER.


HORAY! got to see it. yay. one of the lucky ones. :P Went to the earliest showing..at 9:30 am. i didn't know there was gonna be a long ass line, but this is Harry Freaking Potter peoples! :P Glad i got a good seat. spent all my money popcorn and soda, too. only had enough for McDonald's. i want Subway..dammit :(

*EEEEEEEEEEE SNAPEYPOOOOOOOOOO!! He's in it more than i thought he would be. and at Grimmauld Place, too. heard, but not seen. (in Harry's mind he was seen. ETA the vomit line)
*Nice to see him whip out his "weapons of ass destruction" during occlumency :P so much Snarry in this movie than you can shake a stick at.
*Lots of Hermione/Ron stuff too.
*And Filch/Umbridge. haha. i bet he thought those chocolates he got were from her. WRONG. lol Fred and George.
*Speaking of those chocolates, that was REAL nice to spoil my appetite when one of those boils on his face popped D:
*I didn't get why people hate Grawp so much. he was adorable. in a dumb giant sort of way. i wanted him to say "Hermy", though :(
*Lots of bitch slapping and rough housing in here. hehe. Umbridge slaps Harry, Sirius slaps Lucius, Snape throws Harry around. hehehe. funny that Dumbledore didn't beat harry again. :P
*I'm sorry, but Sirius' death was STUPID. too fast. too sudden. sheesh! the duel between him and Bella wasn't long enough.
*I expected to see Bella crucio Neville..or attempt to. darn :(
*Not enough Draco. but w/e, he'll be in the next movie tons.
*Mmkay, Snape's Worst Memory. I thought it was cool. except it went wayyyy too fast. where in the fuck was Lily? i didn't see her. dammit. oh well. don't care. Poor Snape. toilet paper on his shoe. :( being held upside down. etc etc. that kind of bullying creates a monster. Snape wouldn't be as sinister if that shit never happened to him. to bad the Marauder's didn't mind their fucking business >:( sheesh! *hugs Snape*
*I love Moody. i do. seriously. calling Tonks by her first name. a no-no. haha.
*Hmmm Tonks. she was cool, i suppose. i've never seen Natalia act before, so it was so-so for me.
*DAMMIT DAWLISH. he had no lines. *sniff* i wanted his pretty blue-eyed self to say something.
*Best line in the movie: "I think I'm going to vomit." Snape was in Harry's mind, looking at his memories. etc etc. luvs it.
*FUCKING KITTEN PLATES they were MEWING! I want one. seriously. HP merchandising needs to put some on the market. push a button on the back of a cute kitty plate and it'll mew. hehehehe. ME WANT!! And I wonder what Snape's reaction to those things would be. he would DEFINATELY vomit for reals. D:

Well, that's all i can say about the movie right now. but it was DEFINATELY better directed than GOF. David Yates did a fantastic job. everything was great. i'm glad he's doing HBP in a few months. EEE! :D

And fellow Snape fans, i myself cannot wait until HBP. that will definately be HIS movie. :D and if Alan doesn't go to a premiere of that one..well, i'll kill a bug. :P
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goldtooth on July 12th, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
yeah, thanks for that ish.