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19 July 2007 @ 04:04 pm
no spoiler in this post..just my thoughts...  
Mmmkay, i think it's better to spoil yourself before you get spoiled by others. so, i let curiosity got the best of me and went to that DH spoiler community to read some chapter summaries. i don't know what to think after reading the last few.

*sigh* :( i don't know whether to be happy or not. there is one chapter that has been making me cry ALL day. and it's gonna totally fuck up my storyline. i've not decided to write fics yet, though. but i'm not sure i want to now. i'm going to have to redo EVERYTHING in my head..and i know i'm gonna be havin' headaches these next few months sorting it out. i sorta wanna go along with cannon more than fannon, actually. so it matters.

but as you know, JKR is unpredictable. she's full of surprises. so ergo, i'm not surprised. but fucking mad. MAD. M A D mad.

so...yeah. :/ that's my day.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed