April 9th, 2005

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Well, it all worked out for me.

I went to.......A WIGGLES CONCERT!! you know who they are right? i hope so. I had the best time EVER! they are great, and they always will be. i had pretty decent seats. even one of them ran up my aisle and i got a good pic of him. I didn't go up to the stage to get a better view, i could have, though. i chickened out. :( oh well. it's ok. anyway, i took pics of this great event:


i know they'e tiny but most were blurry and i had no choice but to make them small. i'm glad i got a nice shot of Murray (the red wiggle. ;) )

oh yeah, and the only thing i could afford was a collectors sippy cup thing. and i got some popcorn, too. and there was a little gift bag (Hot Potato Gift Bag) where i was sitting, i was in a special section, "Hot Potato Seats" :D

you guys should really check it out sometime.
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