June 3rd, 2005

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Here is my Cinderella Man quick review..since i'm a Tony Munch fan:

OH LORD HAVE MERCY WAS HE EVER GREAT!! so what if he didn't have any lines, he did have quite a few scenes. he looks quite good in 30's clothes. mmmMMMM! he was in about 5-10 scenes/shots. he was one of the poor guys struggling in the Great Depression, and one of Jim's friends, i suppose. yes, he was a good guy, which is not common with his roles. heheh. i love him no matter what. ;)

anyway, i loved the movie. it was quite good..did i say good..i mean EXCELLENT! during the boxing scenes, it really felt like you were in the arena rooting for him (Jim Braddock) to win. i smell Oscars.

Clint Eastwood has nothing on Ron Howard. M$B eat your heart out.

GO SEE IT!! not b/c of tony, because it's goooooood.
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