July 7th, 2005

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ACK!!! where have i been? mmkay i'll tell you..

I'm SOOOOOOO sorry i've not been around. I've been REALLY busy with icons/LJ/etc...and..stuff. life, basically.

I was doing a Cinderella Man icon batch (like over 50) and I am REALLY behind. Don't know why it's taking so long. it's been a month since i started them. I've also been entering icontests on LJ. so, my stress level is slightly higher. PLUS, i need to find a job..'cause my sister is off school (she's a teacher) and we're...well...poor. So, if you've been expecting any stuff from me..i'm sorry. it won't be more than a week until I post more icons and stuff.

I'M SOOO SORRRRYYYY!!! *begs for mercy*

the next batch of icons after Cinderella Man will be ones of voice actors from Kim Possible. EXCEPT RAVEN! 'cause i hate that bitch *sorry if you like her* Even if you BEG me to make Raven icons, i will flat out REFUSE! mmkay. good.

I have this computer in my room now, so i'm doing a lot more online now. I've been downloading TONS of icon textures, brushes, etc. so, that also takes time away.
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