July 23rd, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries


GRRR I'M SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!! i am NOT a happy pirate. i'm at the library, on the internet..why? 'cause the stupid internet got shut off, that's why. GRR!!

oh well..i need a break anyway. i've not really gone out anywhere. besides, it'll only be shut off for a week or so. my sister has to pay the internet/digital cable bill in whole..which is $250.

it was a really bad time yesterday for it to get turned off. i had certain KP RP plans this weekend *winks at people who know what i'm talking about*

anyway..i'll be back.. i need time to do icons and stuff. i'm soooooo behind. and i got other things to keep me occupied. i'm just so being used to being online, i hope i'm not becoming an addict. it sucks but i'll manage.


when i get back..look for Cinderella Man and Kim Possible voice actor icons. LOTS OF THEM! :D
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    nothing 'cause i'm not on my computer..dammit