July 30th, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries


STILL no internet. my sister got her check, but didn't get enough money. she has to buy a clutch for her car. so, we have to wait until friday..again. i misunderstood her. it wasn't yesterday, it was next friday. dammit i hate doing that. BUT good news is that we'll have our phone turned on (maybe) in a few days, and we'll have AOL until then. so, maybe monday or tuesday, i'll be back. i'm REALLY pissed off right now. could have been worse, though. i'm just glad my quick thinking got us to get AOL again. we're still keeping the high speed one, though. we might get a different cable service, though. Cox are cheaters and liars. GRR! Cox are cocks. they live up to their name.

sorry chris if i'm not available to talk to until you get back from...i forgot where you're going. anyway. see you in a few days..or a week or two.

i hate going to the library. it's so damn hot outside. :( i need a break.
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