August 1st, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries

still not back yet but...


that's right, everyone. NEXT SATURDAY, on Disney Channel, it's "Click it to Pick it"..and next weeks show is Naturally Sadie. you go to this website and vote for which new eppy for them to air. and tony's appearance is up to vote for. PLEASE VOTE FOR 'BE OUR PEST' many times as possible.

REMEMBER TO CHOOSE 'BE OUR PEST'..not the other one. for the love of god.

vote as many times as possible.

and enjoy it when it airs..hopefully. on saturday night. my VCR will HOPEFULLY be ready.

i saw a promo for it, saw Tony, and freaked out. i never got excited for anything in a long time. i was danging and singing in the monsoon storm outside. it made my day better.

so, VOTE VOTE VOTE!! we got a few days.
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