August 31st, 2005

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aww man..

OMG WE HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN!!! grrrr. in a month. she can't pay rent. this is getting annoying. oh well..i had a feeling it wouldn't last.

either i'm going with them, or with her friend..Sandy. she lives in my old neighborhood! that'd be awesome to be in my old area again. but i just don't wanna part with my family. but, it would be a life change, i guess.

grr this is so unfair. oh well..this house sucks anyway. no pool. and my room is small and the A/C don't work well in it. and maybe i can get a cat again, too!

*sigh*..i better start figuring out what i wanna keep and what to toss away. i got a lot of stuff. i'm pretty much a hoarder.
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