September 20th, 2005

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Lauren/Ruby's Moving Diary: Day 1

i'm gonna update every day on my current moving conditions. what's going on, how i'm feelin', etc. you get the idea.

here we go....
Tues, Sept. 20.:
we're moving next thursday night..all through the weekend, i think.

RANT TIME!! niece is sooo freaking selfish. the younger one. she has 2 dressers. i need one of them. she is now complaining that the one daddy dearest gave her is breaking, and that she'll need MY dresser. that she's not even using except for junk. i'm not gonna keep the one in my room. it's way too big. we're trashing it. why can't her dad fix the one he gave her? or, since he has a lot of money, he can BUY her another one. they're not expensive. jeez. :( that's so not fair, i NEED my dresser back. it's MINE..not hers. it's in her closet, and she has all her stupid papers and art supplies in it. that she doesn't use. >:( she's gonna have to deal with it. i need it back. she's NOT gonna get her way this time. I am. :P

today my sister bought some cleaning supplies. she cleaned the kitchen and packed some stuff in there. my duty tonight is to clean out that stupid big we can take it to the dump. i'm glad i'll get rid of that stupid thing. it's taking up my space. :(

i'll end up mopping the kitchen floor 'cause we got a lot of ants. i can't even walk in the kitchen during the day anymore...they pretty much took over. we don't have any bug killer, either. so, i'll mop it up in the morning. ::) psht. stupid ants.

i think i'll ask my sister if i can keep my friend's cat. Ruby. yup, that's her name. she's adorable and sweet..except she bites..but not in a mean way..more of a playful/love nip way. but i can deal with that. they can't keep her. she's having too many kittens. she lives outside now. i can either have her or one of her kittens. ;) of course, it's up to my sister. i probably won't get a kitty until i get a job. at least i'll get to go swimming. i'm looking forward to that next weekend. ;D

and that's pretty much day 1. i'll update every day. like last time.
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