September 22nd, 2005

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don't know what to do..WARNING!!..EMOTIONAL RANT!!

i'm losing everyone. nobody wants to talk to me anymore. people i care about the most just don't wanna talk to me anymore...for whatever stupid reason they have.

i'm either blocked or ignored. when i sign on sometimes, people sign off, or go on away. or whatever. and when i'm on my other screen name, they're back. ??????? WTF???? what the hell did i do? i'm not a damn disease.

people say they're busy and stuff...suuuuure. i'm always busy but i find time to talk to people.

i just don't get why people can be so damn up in themselves.

i guess i'm either:
*too random
*talk too much
*too vulgar
*any other reason no one would want to talk to me

for those of you that apply to this post..DEAL WITH IT!! geezus people. get a grip! i didn't do jack shit to you.

....emotional rant over. sorry for wasting your reading time this morning. :(
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STOCK: food - blueberries


got this off of 'wtf_inc'
notice anything out of the ordinary? hahhaha

i think is sending hidden messages. o_o

well at least this made me smile for 5 seconds.
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