October 2nd, 2005

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i'm baaaaaaaaaack!

yay!! i'm back! we have to share the computer for now 'cause we have no room for the other one at the moment. drat.

the connection in the living room isn't fixed yet so i'm using my nieces' cable outlet. hehe. they can't watch tv right now. too bad, so sad. hehe.

the move went well. took 2 days. and my sister is cleaning the house right now. we've not unpacked much yet. we've been swimming the whole time. muahahha. i loooove that pool. i was there all day today and i'm sunburned. we have no sunblock. we didn't think of that. hehe.

i don't mind not having much privacy. nothing interesting happens anyway. haha. and i pretty much have the whole room *kitchen, dining room, living room* to myself. so in a way i have the biggest 'room'

at least the neighbors are nice and not annoying. except the family upstairs has kids...and that means them running on the floor..pounding their tiny feet..making noise for us. oh well. that's life.

it's doing well so far. oh, the cat thing. if i want a cat, i MUST get a job. and pay a $200 fee and $15/month. what a drag. my sister has to pay $35 fee just to have me here. odd. oh well.
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STOCK: food - blueberries

at my wits end

I wanna know why PhotoShop takes a whole lot of disk space to run.

i don't have much space on my computer. i got 800MB of space available (yah i know, it's ghetto) and it uses a LOT of that to run. when the program is open, i only got 56MB to run with. and i can't download anything. and sometimes i can't run PS at all. it gives me that stupid "scratch disk" error crap. and i can't do some actions right now 'cause of those errors.

how much space is needed for PS7 to run? i also got a lot of brushes, too..could that contribute to the problem? ..it takes about 5 minutes for the program to start. it's odd.

anyway, i'm getting really upset about this. i know the main problems is all these mp3's i got..but i can't just get rid of them. i already deleted most of my stuff. the only thing taking the most space, is 300MB, is a tv show eppy i downloaded to screencap. i hope it'll work again after i delete that eppy after i screencap.

so what do you guys think? am i screwed?
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