October 18th, 2005

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a plea..

ok, you all know that I LOVE Tony Munch, right? and i'd do ANYTHING for him, right? well, i just found out that he's in a Canadian miniseries, that'll air ONLY in Canada in november. and i'm DESPIRATELY looking for help. i would LOVE anyone here in Canada, or has CBC for that matter, to help me. I would really love it if someone would record this for me. since i have no way in hell to do so. :( it's a 2 part thing.

got more info on it:
"Above and Beyond: A miniseries that recounts the daring plan to deliver warplanes from Gander to the RAF in England to help turn the tide of the Second World War. (CBC. Nov. 6, 7)"

it's gonna air on the CBC on Nov. 6 and 7. 2 part miniseries. of course, i don't have that channel. so, i gotta do some kissing up and ask very nicely for someone to record it for me. perhaps YOU!? hehe.


*puppy eyes* must..get..help!! :(
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STOCK: food - blueberries


i got a Deviant Art account now. not sure how that happened, but it let me join. not totally figured out what i'm gonna do with it though. perhaps just host my brushes and whatnot there. i have having my files deleted and bandwidth exceeded from various sites.

anyway..here it is:

not sure how everything works around there. just like LJ, it'll take time to get used to. so, if you're a member of that place, like 'friend' me or whatever you call it over there. k? ok.
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