October 20th, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries


well, i won another icontest! :D i think that's the 2nd or 3rd one this week that got 1st place. i rock. i'm getting WAY better at my icon skillz, that's for sure.

oops, speaking of which, i should do more contest entries..i'm gonna enter 12 contests for this week. it won't take long to make these icons. but it does take long looking through brushes..i got tons. i'm sure i'll get at least another win next week. all it takes is patience. i got today to do these. and since i got done browsing my friends page/s early (god only knows how that happened...it usually takes me like 3 or 4 hours to do that..tonight it only took me 2 hours. wtf? heheh.)..but i can do a few tonight..er..this morning. hehe.

i'm eating pepperjack cheese. yummy.

did anyone catch the new South Park? hehe. i loved it. I BROKE THE DAM!! heheheh GOLD. they spoofed: Day After Tomorrow (it's a good thing i saw some of this movie, otherwise i wouldn't have got the inside jokes), Hurricane Katrina, global warming, and 'the gov't blame game'. heheheh. i just KNEW they'd do something with the hurricane thing. a little late, but it's not their fault. lollllllz

my teeth have been bothering me..reason: chocolate. :( i need to stop eating candy. my family has a history of bad teeth..and it's starting with me. nooooooooo..i'm cursed. o_O

YAY!! it's eggnog season!! :D i freaked out at the grocery store when i saw that they put some out. mmmmmmm eggnog. *slurp*

well..it's too cold to go swimming anymore. shame really. :( we just HAD to move here AFTER the summer. grrrrrrrr.

dammit..it's gonna take even LONGER to get that Land of the Dead DVD. :( David just INSISTS on getting it on Amazon. DAMMMMITTTT!! i want it nooowwwww. *sobs* it BETTER be the unrated directors cut widescreen..or i'll be pissed. ..hmm..i hope someone on cap_it caps this soon. sooner or later, i'm gonna cap tony's scenes. hell, i've not even capped him from the 3rd season of BHH..dammit. i'm soooo behind on his site, too. well, at least i got him a birthday card. it's the big 4-0 for him this year. :D

anyway..this is one of my more random-er posts. hehehe. 'cause well..i got 2 hours until everyone wakes up..so i'm bored. -_-

hmm..perhaps i should browse Deviant Art. i recently joined, as you know. i have a feeling i'm gonna get hooked on that site just as much as this one. i can prevent it, i got tons i'm behind on as it is.

anyway..yah..gonna go do whatever. yup.
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