October 22nd, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries

i was like..tagged and stuff

well chris, ya got me again! heheheh *tagged i mean*

Name fifteen things that currently bring you a moment of joy, and tag five friends to do the same!

1. the fact that i got enough disk space to do my routines
2. Tony Munch..plain and simple
3. i'm gonna get "Above and Beyond" recorded after all :D
4. all of my friends that actually CARE about me
5. my nieces being at their dads for the weekend. PEACE AND QUIET!
6. i'm gonna get Land of the Dead VERY soon
7. there were new Strange Days at Blake Holsey High pics posted..GREAT icon material..and some very nice Tony pics in there as well. :D
9. uhhhh..did i mention TONY?! ;)
10. knowing that i got a kick ass birthday card for Tony's 40's birthday..gotta send that soon. and a looong letter along w/it.
11. the fact that i love torturing people with how much i love tony..like all of you that are reading. MUAHAHHAAHHAH!! j/k
12. mmmm candy
13. Chris 1 and Chris 2. ;) both guys are great. too bad i don't know them personally. :( but i'm sure i will someday.
14. TONY MUNCH!! ..heheh *sneer*
15. new eppys of SpongeBob and South Park. :D

hmmmm...i think i shall tag:
spats_bear,aggiechan,lillyon,neverwench, and suede_bear
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