October 31st, 2005

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back to business

aww crap! I made one of my closest friends pissed at me, although he/she says he/she isn't, i know he/she is. i can feel it. oh well, it could be worse. i know he/she is reading this, i hope you're not mad at me!! i tend to run my mouth. k? ok. PLEASE talk to me again soon. :( *sobs*
ANYWAY, i was so damn bored last night, no one to talk to..everyone went to bed..etc. that i had to finish my icon batch.

This time it's for Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. I got some lovely pics for season 4..which won't air until early next year. So anyway, i made 49 of these. Different styles and in various groups. I experimented with cropping and colors.

Tony, of course, if the one with the glasses. heheh. <3

thanks to awmp for some of her great PS actions.
and to http://strangedays.proboards22.com for the pics.

anyway, no teasers, that would spoil the fun. :D

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