November 1st, 2005

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Tony Munch birthday present!

I'm gonna send Tony's birthday card VERY SOON here. And since it's his 40th
Bday, it's special. so i'm gonna give him a present. I want all of us to
write a tiny short birthday poem to him. up to 12 lines. you can make it
cute, funny, or whatever. after you figure one out, reply to this post with
it. and i'll write it on a piece of paper with your name by it. and include
it in the card. this is the PERFECT gift we can give him.

so, let's start writing! i'll give you guys a week. so on nov. 8 is the
deadline. can't send it too late, though. i don't know how long the card
will get there, since it's close to holiday season. and mail is slow between
us and Canada.

GOOD LUCK!! remember to reply with your poem to THIS POST only. by the 8th.

oh yeah, that new My LJ thing is cool.
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