November 12th, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries


Boy does helping a friend out feel good. I helped chris fix his computer problem. it turned out pretty good. all thanks to me. :D

anyway, now that my sister has her computer hooked on the internet, i'll be hooked up 24/7. hehe FOREVER!! :D

i think chris will like this..and other DA show fans too:
i'm pretty sure that's not 'friends only' didn't have a lock at the top. hehe.

anyway, i'm gonna work on some Charlie Adler icons. i found some 'new' pics of him. SO HOT!

my lesbian friend, i think she likes me. 0_0 ew. ...just ew. i'm getting mixed messages and signs. and it bothers me. i want a MAN not a woman..well..just not HER. :(
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