November 20th, 2005

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quick question

Chris says he sees an icon with a guy holding a boulder. but mine is Fat Cat's gang. *cartoon animals* my icon working to you guys?

stupid LJ move. :(

EDIT! THEY NEED TO FIX THIS FASTER!!! (from LJ maintenance comm)
"You've probably noticed that userpics and scrapbook photos are incredibly slow.

The reason it's sucking is because we're temporarily running with about one third our normal number of media storage disks during this move. While we have enough storage capacity (what you see on your computer as "This drive is 90% full, only 10GB remaining"), we don't have enough spindles, that is --- the drives are too frickin' busy moving around trying to load userpics that they can't keep up with all the new incoming requests for other people's userpics (namely that one you probably see hanging, unloaded on your friends page right now). Having more disks spreads this load out.

The rest get shipped up Monday, probably online Monday night or Tuesday, along with a bunch of other hardware.

In the meantime we're going disk shopping today, buying a ton of disks, trying to fix this before tonight.

So that's what up."

no shit. -__-
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STOCK: food - blueberries

i got a present!!

I thought I would make another texture set. Something different..something pretty. So I fiddled around in PhotoShop, messing with brushes, colors and the history brush..and came up with something pretty cool. At least I think they are. I got 15 groovy psychedelic textures here. Not sure if they're good with blending, made for bases mostly..but whatever floats your boat.

Image hosted by

Anyways, usual rules:
*PLEASE comment even if not taking
*PLEASE credit me
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