November 23rd, 2005

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sorta gross..oh well..i'll say it anyway..

WOOOOOT!! that wisdom tooth, you know the one deep in the back that was bugging me for months? well, it's gone now! i don't know how, but the top half reduced to nothing. it rotted somehow. now i can't feel a thing when i touch it. i used to feel unbelievable pain when i it's quite a miracle. now the skin back there (that the pointy sharp broken tooth rubbed against) don't hurt no more like it did. i don't know why..i didn't notice. but i think when i was eating that hamburger last week, it got loose and i chewed it. yes i know that's gross, but the tooth was soft and brittle (and pieces of it were pure white..not black like some teeth get when rotting) and i didn't notice. anyway, that doesn't mean i'm out of the woods with my teeth prob's. i still got that HUGE cavity in one of my right bottom molars. it sucks. i can't chew on that side. unless it's really soft. i'll take care of it. just gotta get off my ass and go to a dentist, of course


oh yeah, the reason that tooth rotted or whatever it was doing, was that i can't reach it with my toothbrush. it was quite stuck back there pretty good. i don't think a dentist could even reach it. so that wasn't my fault. :(
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