December 8th, 2005

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community recommendations

LJ cuts are for whiney brats...and besides, i'm promoting stuff, so what's the point of a cut? hehehe.

first and foremost, i LOVE this community, loljesus, full of fun for everyone. heheheh. funny as hell. at least take a'll be laughing for a long time. hehehe.

2nd, ohnotheydidnt was nominated for a weblog award. and i'm glad to be part of this great community. it's for celeb gossip/news and whatnot. i luuuuv it <3

and to save the best for last, a sweet girl i know wants me to promote some of her icontest comm's. and i shall :D

PLEASE JOIN!! we need more members. seriously, we do. i won 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd in one of the contests, and that feels wierd. hehe. so please, if you make icons and like to enter stuff, please join us. we're so lonely.
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