December 25th, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries


had a rotten day. bah humbug. i didn't have money for the bus. sister forgot to give me some and she left. i got some from the neighbor upstairs. missed that bus. got there eventually..watched the movie (Narnia)..yay good horay fun..etc. BUT..after that it got bad again. missed the bus going home 'cause i forgot my drink in the bathroom. took a different bus home. missed the stop. and had to walk 2 miles. stupid driver didn't wanna drive me back. it was the end of her stupid shift. she said, "merry christmas" when i got off. i said, "OH SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!" so..that was my day. BAH HUMBUGGGGG!!111

[music the sound of me crying my eyes out]