December 29th, 2005

STOCK: food - blueberries

update time

I updated my awards post..which is at the top. i've gotten 41 awards since nov. 7th. DAAAMN!! :D ..which also means the first 41 awards are new. hehe. COOL! i guess. *doesn't wanna brag*

gonna make a Karkaroff icon post tonight. so if you're in the same groups i'm in, don't be surprised to see it posted 100's of times. hehehe.

what else...hmmm...well, my bf is back from Kentucky. something tells me nothing has changed. he's just taking meds. big woop! *rolls eyes* i would like some proof of his attitude change. and him blowing me off tonight isn't a good sign. :(

oh yeah, i survived the first 2 rounds of LIMS at actor_lims..i doubt i'll make it all the way through, though. running out of ideas. :(

[mood| rushed]
[music| nothing]