January 2nd, 2006

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I probably won't be online from Jan. 3-13th..which means I might not be able to vote in some icontests and enter a few. My biggest worry is the LIMS i'm in. i HAVE to participate, or i'm cut. :( There isn't a way i can save the icon and upload somewhere else. i have no floppy drive that works and i have no CD-R's. i do but i need those. ...hmm..i have one..maybe i could try. i would lose my tony pics but if it means staying in the LIMS, hell, i'll do it.

so anyway, if i'm not around for 10 days, don't get worried. sometimes bills just pile up and my sister can't handle it most of the time. ok, all of the time.

i'll use these 10 days wisely. i'll live. i've been w/o internet for like a month or 2 before..if you recall. it was BORING. but i'll be fine.

so...i guess this is it then. *sobs* bye! (FOR 10 DAYS!!!!..not forever!!)

*remembers* AHHHH SHIT I'M GONNA MISS A NEW EPPY OF NUMB3RS!! ahhhhhhh!!!

EDIT!!!: apparently it's still on. so there's hope. :) Cox lives up to it's name...they're RETARDS!

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[music| PotC sndtrck-He's a Pirate]