January 13th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries


OMG! something cool happened. how in the world did i get 1.5GB of my space back? well, i know how. i use RubbishKiller and DustBuster XP. I was ripping music on Winamp, and ALL my space went bye bye. so, i was freaking out. i looked on something i downloaded called Space Monger and i found TWO PhotoShop temp files. i only need one. and those files can be about 1GB in size. so, RubbishKiller deleted one of them. so, i recommend those programs.

anyway, it's almost the end of the month, that means MORE KARKAROFF ICONS!!

i'm so freaking tired right now. but the show must go on.

I FINALLY get my Cinderella Man DVD today. :D

and the Golden Globes are on Monday night. I hope CM, Narnia, and Hugh Laurie takes home awards. THEY ALL DESERVE IT!!

oh yeah, i got more food stamps. for the next 3 months. and then after that, in order to keep them, they're gonna provide an employment service for me. i have to go to this place or whatever and apply. my requirement is 80 hrs/month. either that or community service. ICK! I DON'T WORK FOR FREE!! but i will work for food. so..yah.

[mood| jubilant]
[music| Kanye West - Touch the Sky]