January 26th, 2006

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first off...i know SOMEONE here has the Country Canada channel.. If so, I really REALLY need your help!! ON SATURDAY JAN. 28TH to be exact.

Ok, I just found out at the last minute that Tony Munch was on This Is Wonderland tonight. (wednesday). and my friend couldn't record it because..well..it was too late.

So, if anyone recorded that episode, can you upload it for me? bittorrent, .avi, .wmv..ANYTHING. hehe. pretty pretty please? i REALLY need it. i would do ANYTHING!

and if someone has the Country Canada station, can you record it for me on Saturday? (jan. 28) it'll repeat twice that day.

even if you send a tape, i won't care. heheh.

if not, i'll have to wait for months for the repeat. and i seriously don't wanna do that.

thanks in advance, if you can.

oh yeah, and Micheal Riley is HOT! IMO. ;) heheh

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[music| Aly & AJ - Out of the Blue]