January 29th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries


My PhotoBucket bandwidth has been reset :D now i can make more icons. yay!!

and did anyone catch Strange Days at Blake Holsey High "Conclusions" last night? it was tiiiiiiight. Tony was cuuuuute. The Janitor went out with a bang. i love him to death. great character..great actor. and he was actually in the opening credits for once. :D

and i'm downloading the episode/movie right now. gonna take like 2 days. :( everyone else is having download speed problems as well. someone needs to upload it to another site. haha.

i asked for caps of it in capitrequests..i'll probably have the thing downloaded before someone fills the request. like that'll happen. my requests are never filled :(

[mood| horny]
[music| nothing right now..i have a towel on my head from my shower. lol!]