February 13th, 2006

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where those candy hearts came from (+other things)

they're fun. hehe. go crazy.

Annnnnnd...i'll finally get to see my man tomorrow. for his nephew's bday party. i know i gained weight from the holiday crap i had, i just hope he doesn't mind. it's been months since i've seen him. he assures me my looks don't matter to him, but sometimes i'm convinced it does. oh well. he would have left me earlier if that was the case. as much of an ass he can be, i luff him <3 couldn't ask for a sweeter, and cuter, guy. wish i had a pic of him to share. but he don't like cameras. i do have one, but no scanner available. (our prom picture)

made some more Karky icons today. you'll love them when i'm done. well, the ones that care anyway. hahah.

i'm gonna have to do my icon for the 2nd round of actor_lims..i know i won't win. i'll at least get up to the last 5 people. there are about 30 entering this one. i'll get through the first few like a breeze. ;) BUT, if i do win, i'll get paid time. which is always nice i guess.

i'm currently listening to the HP:SS audiobook. i'm on chapter 5 now. i'm gonna listen to 2 hours a day. i'm not much of a reader anyway. heheh. gonna go all to HBP, of course. this will take a month or so. i feel left out when people talk about certain HP shit i don't know about. haha.

i'm getting annoyed at my current GoF mood theme, i found a better one (with more Karky pics) it doesn't have "horny", though. i think i'll make one for that mood. heheh.

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STOCK: food - blueberries

Passions on Sci-Fi

Did anyone see that this morning? Of course, me being a Passions fan, HAD TO! they started the series from the beginning. It was nice seeing the original actors and old characters there. I never saw it from the very beginning. I don't remember when I started watching it.

It was funny to see Theresa draw on Gwen. "she is SO ugly." lol! :P If only you knew Gwen, that Theresa would snag your hunky Harmony prince soon enough. hahah.

Nice to see Luis' attitude, "damn Cranes!"..hehehe. and MIGUEL!! :D i've missed him.

and Sheridan in Paris..LAME! "oh (Princess) Diana, why did you have to die?" lol!

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