February 16th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries

NEW layout/user pic/header

Well, i got tired of looking at it. So i HAD to change it. Spiffy, no? if the text is too tiny..DEAL! just click on my entry to read it. lol!

anyway, i'm gonna put my old matching header and icon up for adoption..

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let me know what you think of the current one. and if you're gonna use the stuff i just put behind the cut..and if you do FOR GOD SAKE CREDIT ME!! thx.

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STOCK: food - blueberries

best of the best..IMO + QUESTION!

First off, question. would you guys rather have me put my icontest awards just listed in my photobucket? instead of putting more in that post? 'cause it's a pain in the ass to update that thing. since i get so many awards. like 3/week at least. so i'm gonna just make an album just for those awards and link to there. would that be better?

ok..now for some fun. here are the BEST of the BEST that i've seen. IMO. If you're not on the list, don't get offended. I like a lot of people.

Best Icons: carmendove
Best Brushes: myrasis..AND asya_17
Best Textures: dearest

Best Communities..er..my faves:
igor_is_alive (that is NOT a suck up. he's my fave HP character right now, and he's underrated, and there's actually a comm for him, so that's why i give it a thumbs up!)
bjelac_daily (SAME AS ABOVE! i have fun there..drooling over that hot man)

and pretty much every icontest community i'm in. heh.

so, if you're not listed, don't get offended. i love EVERYONE ON LJ!! :D well, that loves me back. haha.

heheh..i'm SO in love with my new Igor header pic. kick ass. *luv*

oh yeah, i'm gonna make some House MD icons tonight. *everyone gasps* "she's gonna do something else?? OMG!!" heheh yup!

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