February 19th, 2006

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*sigh*...yesterday sucked BALLS! I was gonna be goin' to my bf's nephew's 1st bday party. i didn't get much sleep. like...3 or 4 hours. 'cause you know, saturday morning..kids are here=noise. even ear plugs can't drown them out. anyway, i was soooo excited to go, 'cause i was gonna see my Chuckiepoo after all these months. well guess what, I DIDN'T! >:( I got to his apartment, and he wasn't there! he was getting a drug test for a job at Walmart..in which we ALL know he'll FAIL! ..so, being disappointed and tired, i despirately wanted to go home..but noooo..i didn't wanna be rude. i HAD to go to that damn party. so...we got there. la-dee-da..meet new people..etc..mingle..etc. BORING!!!

the house we went to was in Sun City (retirement suburb in west Phoenix..old people driving gold carts GALORE! lol!!)..at his brother-in-law's parents house. i never saw a more cons...er..EXTREMELY VALUE LOVING family in my life. (no offense to conservative peeps..but DAMN..these people were EXTREME!) it was like you HAVE to be married to have children..or you're GOIN' TO HELL TO BURN FOR ETERNITY!!! oh puhleeze!! ok, every woman there was either pregnant or had a baby already. (and his sister is pregnant again, in which i didn't know about)..and they had the NERVE to ask me if i was gonna have kids with him. i wanted to shout "HELL NO!"..but i didn't wanna offend them. i just said. "noooo..no kids...ever."..and his mom said something..couldn't make it out..i think i made her mad. it's like she expects me to have kids when i marry him. NO WAY IN HELL AM I GONNA POP ANYTHING OUT OF ME!! things go in, NOT out. (with the exception of 'you know what monthly thing..etc'")

so anyway...i couldn't relate to any of that family OR their friends. 'cause of religious/political/family value differences. so, i just sat there, drank soda, and stuff my fat face with cake. i wanted it to be over with. i wanted to go home and sleep. well..i chose to go home over having Subway for dinner. BIG MISTAKE! my sisters car wasn't fixed so we couldn't go to the store. i had to take the damn bus!!! >:O URGH! when i got home, was starving as i was, i just watched Flight of the Navigator (LOVE THAT MOVIE!! NOSTALGIA!!) and took a looooong nap..from 10pm-230am. :(..didn't mean to sleep THAT late.

...sorry for the long rant. but i'm really tired now. gonna go back to sleep. i know i'm not gonna get much (*grunts*..damn weekend)..but oh well.

at least i saw some new GoF pics this morning. made me feel better. :D

tonight i think i'll just do every icontest i've bookmarked..to get it over with. all 16 of them. i have a feeling i was supposed to do some co-mod stuff. *can't think*..oh well..i'll get to it eventually.

and..that autosaved draft thing ANNOYS ME!!. sure it's nice, but geez..urgh!!

AND GUYS!! if i offend ANYONE in my rambling, don't mind me..i'm tired and cranky..and sore. :( sowwy.

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