February 20th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries

2 freaking weeks left...

..until the Oscars and the GoF DVD. :D gonna love that week. i sure am!

If Cinderella Man..or Narnia..or GoF don't get an award AT ALL..i will DIEEEEEE!!! XP

oooh..speaking of GoF. i had to confirm with my sister last night, before we went to the store, if i'm getting the movie. she said "$30, right? ok!" :D :D :D so, on her grocery tab, it's $24.56 so far. and i'm doing twice the amount of chores as well. i'm such a kiss-up. but i'll do ANYTHING for it.

oy..gotta do 11 icontests by friday. -_- well, at least i got the LIMS out of the way. i know i'll end up just doing half. depends on how many entries they have currently.

grrr...stupid niece is gonna be here..day off from school. I HATE THOSE!! i thought my long and tiring weekend was over. :( *gets out ear plugs again*

hmm...browser crashed again. :( b/c of LJ. GRRAHHH!!! i'm thinkin'..maybe it's the skins i'm using? O_O asya_17's used to crash it..now it don't no more. odd.

[mood| nervous]
[music| Robbie Williams - Millenium]