February 22nd, 2006

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Wow..my computer hasn't been off/restarted since Jan. 23rd. O_O and it's running fine. basically, it hasn't had a rest in a month now. that's the longest i've had it on...ever. wierd!!

and don't worry about it getting overheated..the side cover is open. we lost it during the move. :( well, the hard drive sticks out so i couldn't put it back on. lol.

other than it being slow as usual, i've not had problems with it. the freezing-every-now-and-then has stopped. from what i can tell. and ever since i upgraded winamp, that stopped crashing. :) so far, so good.

i got 800MB of space left. -_- 'cause of those Sarah Brightman albums i downloaded. they're IMPORTANT to me. as long as i don't go overboard with the music and pictures, i'll be fine.

i've got sooooo many icon/graphic textures, that i gotta make another folder. i got about 100MB or so of zip files that i gotta unzip. most of those ARE textures..as well as brushes and masks. geez! there isn't a day that goes by without me downloading some sort of graphic resource. obsessed? addicted? maybe. and 80% of the stuff i download, i don't even use! LOL!!

oh yes, and i changed my email. now i get comment replies at:
esmeraldafitzgerald @ yahoo.ca

that's right..a yahoo CANADA email addy. hehe. who's Esmeralda Fitzgerald? my HP character, of course. she looks like her:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
That's Megan Ewing..a model..whom i ADORE :D if Esme was real (er..in the books) and if she was an actress, she'd play her. lol! seriously.

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ooook i'm done. heh.

13 days until GoF DVD
11 days until Oscars

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[music| ahhh silence..glad my family left for school. peace and quiet :D ]