February 25th, 2006

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i wanna die..

MY STUPID MONITOR BROKE!!! i KNEW it would happen sooner or later. it's just too old to go on. one minute, i'm looking in my galleries, i click on a pic, and BAM..it happens. things are suddenly darker, there are streaks going across the screen...colors are too vibrant..and parts are too dark. the text looks funny too. against light parts. it's wierd. :( nothing is helping. guess i'll have to suck up to someone to borrow a monitor. this one is doomed. it's hurting my eyes. i'm so screwed. :( *sobs*

i need hellllp!!

it's wierd..there are streaks against the light areas of the screen, where there is dark/colorful areas. i can't do any photoshopping. things are too dark and the streaks that the color palette makes are taking over the screen.

this is hurting my eyes..as i'm typing this. it's wierd. it's darker and the colors are more vibrant. i have the monitor settings at the highest it'll go..degaussing don't help for shit. :( i'm gonna explode.

i thought it was a computer problem itself, and wasted time restarting. it didn't help. so it HAS to be the monitor. it sure as hell better be. >:O

i might be able to switch with the other monitor, if my sister lets me.

this just sucks ass. seriously. i have no $ to get a new one. and if i asked my nieces' dad to borrow one, all he has are sucky ones. GGRRRRRR!!!

i know SOMEONE here is a monitor genius..please help? need advice and whatnot. thanks.
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