February 27th, 2006

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Well, I've gotten used to the strange screen glare and bright colors. but those damn streaks ANNOY ME TO NO END!!! i hope my sister asks Kevin to borrow a monitor. I NEED one.

I'm afraid that Spats MAY be right about the video card being messed up. 'cause i replugged the monitor back in..and it did nothing. :( IT SURE AS HELL BETTER NOT BE!! that will add much stress and..i won't have a computer..since it'll be 'slowly fixed at Kevin's house'..MY computer (the one i'm using isn't mine..it's my sisters..or WAS..i guess it's mine now..i suppose) is still at his house!! >:( and i seriously don't wanna wait months on end.

i think this is the man upstairs telling me to get off my lazy ass and get a job already!! (i don't care if it's McDonald's or KMart anymore) so i can get a NEW computer. 'cause i seriously need one. so..until then, i think i'm stuck with this stupid monitor. :( i'll live. it's not the END of the world. i'm glad it was the monitor and not anything else..like the comp itself!! O_O that would suck..BADLY!

co-modding 4 comm's is hard ass work. -_- BUT, it must be done! :) teehee, i'm 'important'. lol. *feels loved*

WOW..17 icontests to do this week. i'll probably end up only doing half. and i quit that actor_lims...too much pressure.

well, i got my bill for $30 in groceries that my sister owes me...NOW i can get $30 either on the 7th or 10th. i HOPE it's on the 7th. if not, then the stupid rent will be the problem. i do not wanna wait 3 more days for the DVD. dammit. and i KNOW those deleted scenes/etc will be screencapped like crazy around the net, and i'll probably end up spoiling myself. lol! if i have to wait that is.

OH YEAH!! and someone uploaded those Degrassi:TNG eppys that Tony was in..here:
Lexicon of Love Part 1
Lexicon of Love Part 2

8 days until GoF DVD
6 days until Oscars

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STOCK: food - blueberries

this is so messed up on so many levels

IT AIN'T THE MONITORRR!! AHHHHH!! something messed up the video card. well, at least this new monitor looks better. it's small, though. oh well. i'm in safe mode right now. i don't know why, but it won't startup right in normal mode for some reason. -_- do you guys think i should do system restore?

i have a suspicion, that i know what messed it up. i'm blaming Advanced Windows Care for this. >:( i did a scan and it 'fixed' stuff before i restarted last time. and a day later, it happened. so, i think i SHOULD try system restore. or start with 'last known good configuration' mode. i dunno. what do you guys think?

my video card is a NVIDIA Vanta/Vanta LT..if that helps.

EDIT: ack!! then again, i'm not sure i should do a system restore. i would need 1GB. why? 'cause there are only restore points for these past 3 days, and if i put it to the lowest setting, on 200MB, the earliest day to do it disappears. so..can't do that. :( i don't care if i run safe mode forever, i just want my music. the computer won't run unless it's on safe mode. this is SO NOT FAIR!!!