March 1st, 2006

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NEW textures...and PSP9 questions..etc. etc. etc.

FIRST...the new textures. which i just made in PaintShopPro9..which i will talk about after this.

Green Goblin (don't ask why i called it that) textures preview:
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D o w n l o a d H e r e

These textures came from a picture of a kitten. "a kitten? what?"..yes..a kitten. i was playing around with filters and ended up with those. lol!

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and someone's already capping the GoF deleted scenes. WEEEEEE! i can't wait until she caps the Igor/Snape one. shweeeet. i SO wanna be spoiled even more.

*6 days until GoF DVD
*4 days until Oscars

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