March 4th, 2006

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i'm really nervous about tomorrow night. these next few days are very important to me. so important, i'm not even paying attention to my monitor problem.

which isn't the monitor at all..but a driver problem. :( which has me thinking, should i A: do a windows update. B: roll back the driver. or C: reinstall the driver completely? 'cause i asked a computer help comm., and they have serious doubts it's the monitor. so, i know for a fact now that it's the driver. :( so...what should i do? i don't wanna mess anything up.

for you high tech guru's, my graphics card is a NVIDIA Vanta/Vanta LT. so..what do you think i should do? a, b, or c? i really don't wanna do c. :(

GOOD LUCK TO CINDERELLA MAN, NARNIA, HP:GOF, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, ETC. FOR TOMORROW NIGHT!! :D especially Paul Giamatti. i doubt Jake will's either Paul or George Clooney for supporting. i would rather have it be Paul. but it's ok if it's George. but HIGH doubts it'll be Jake.

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WOOOOOO!! gonna make some special Oscar icons tomorrow. :D

GoF DVD: 3 days. might not get it until friday, though :( depends on how much she has. *grunts* but, put it this way, AT LEAST I'M GETTING THE DANG THING!! :D :D :D

[mood| nervous as hell!!]
[music| man..that dishwasher is noisy!]