March 6th, 2006

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I'm so freaking tired. That was quite a night! Better than I expected. I woke up early, to watch the awards, i've not woken up early in a LONG it was a first. hehe.

I looooove Jon Stewart. He's awesome. So much awesomeness in this show. XD

Of course, as expected, GoF didn't get squat. you know what, NO HP movie will EVER get an Oscar..that's just the way it is. the Academy is funny that way.

what pissed me off the most is that Cinderella Man didn't get NOTHING!!! thanks alot, Russell Crowe, you ruined this movie's chances. way to go, buddy..for throwing that phone. asshole!! yes, i blame him!!

I'm glad Narnia got an award. :D well deserved.

and i'm also happy for Reese, George (although Paul was ROBBED AS HELL!!), Rachel..and ESPECIALLY PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN!!! OMG!! :D :D :D that was the big bang for me of the evening. why is he so special? well, he was in a Tony movie, Owning Mahowny, so naturally, i rooted for him! :D Philip was supposed to bark during his acceptance speech..but didn't. lol! ?? oook...

i just HATE HATE HATE that CM didn't get nothing!! DIE RUSSELL CROWE DIE!!!1211OIQWUEPRQUWEPRO8UAPOWE8!!!!111blahhhhhh

and i'm glad the people i don't like lost. HAHAHHAH OWNED!! I won't name names..tehehe. don't wanna piss no one off. lol. so far, i've not.

but the most WTF?! O_o moment was when "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" got best song. WTF??!?!?!?!??!? :O i wanted "In the Deep" to get's a pretty song. but a pimp song? C'MON!!!! >:( that song sucks! (Whoop that Trick is

the most unexpected thing, was when Crash got best picture. i only saw a part of that movie..and it's gooooooood. i'll have to watch that in full sometime.

this was the BEST Oscars since 1998. for sure!!

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so yeah..that's what i'm worried about.

anyway, i still gotta do chores for that GoF DVD. i'm not getting it tomorrow. :( my stupid niece whined her way into getting early birthday presents. that brat!! now my sister is broke. thanks alot taylor.."happy" birthday..DAMMIT >:O such a baby..and she's 13 now. geezus!!! *sigh..* 4 more days now i suppose. :(

oh yeah, KAYTEE..LOOK AT MY ICONNN!!! just for you..bish. lol!! *i hope others don't take offense due to a bad word..geez!*

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STOCK: food - blueberries


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do i SERIOUSLY need this stuff? it's taken up like 100MB of space. and i already installed PaintShopPro9..which is taking up 200MB as it is. (shiiiiit..i thought PS was a big file!!) PSP9 is already installed!

my SpaceMonger tells me they're setup files..but i already set the program up. do i really need this? :(

i'm also thinking about deleted my Cinderella Man's 76MB :( it's not really worth having anymore.

well, i uninstalled that driver finder program and deleted those drivers that installed. i also found copied files that showed up when i uninstalled the driver finding program. AHA! 25MB more restored.

so, now i got 890MB free. (with a HUGE PS temp file running..which is like about a 1GB or so big) so, in reality, i have like almost 2GB of free space..when PS isn't running.

so, can i delete that PSP setup files folder? taking up a chunk of space. :(

ok..bed time.