March 18th, 2006

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*breaks the promise of not going to the library..but does anyway..out of boredom and worry*

Good news..and bad news. the bad first..ok. my sister didn't get her money yesterday. :( which means, it'll STILL be off until monday. hey, at least it ain't 3 months (or was it 3 weeks) like last time.

i REALLY miss everyone. i'm having extreme internet withdrawl. i can't..function *twitch*'s REALLY boring. all i can do is watch basic cable..24/7...BORING. and just sit at my computer and listen to music. i SHOULD be making more icons and catch up, but i'm just too damn lazy. -_-

BUT, the good news is..oooohhhhhhh you Tony and Karky fans are gonna LOVE this bit. i made SCREENCAPS GALORE!! that's right. i capped a whole lotta crap. i took my nieces' DVD player and installed my caption software. my DVD player won't work on it for some reason. it looks like crap. so, i'm glad she left it there. anyway, the caps are ok quality..except for one thing..*sigh*..they have a box in the top corner that says "step" or "pause"..i can't get rid of that. sorry. but oh well. you'll have to get used to it. not sure how to get rid of it. *except for the healing tool in PS..but i don't wanna waste all that time doing that*

anyhoo, i got...
*Karkaroff caps - 124 caps - 3.73MB. including deleted scenes and shots that barely anyone has taken. even if he's blurry or barely shown. he's there. heheh.
*Tony Munch - MISSING - 41 caps - 644kb. CRAPLOADS OF HOTNESS IN HERRRRE.
*TM - Naturally, Sadie - 58 caps - 1.32MB
*TM - Land of the Dead - 51 caps - 1.14MB - deleted scene and behind the scenes including.
TM - Cinderella Man - 30 caps - 2.26 - deleted scenes included.

i can't crop the ones that are widescreen, since there is a black border, 'cause that makes the image a bigger file size when i save it..for some reason. -_-

so, anyway, i'll be back on monday. and i'm gonna probably have to make another photobucket to store these caps in. either that or use something else. i dunno.

it really REALLY sucks my weekend is sooooo damn boring. well, at least the brats aren't at home. hehe.

OH YES..i forgot to mention...why the HELL won't my Paint Shop Pro work? i try to open it, and it wants to install again. but it's already installed. >:O if it's because i deleted those setup files, i know who to blame for telling me it's ok. dammit. i'm pissed off
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