March 24th, 2006

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them fools


My sister pisses me off to no end. I'm a little bit bored..and boredom causes me to get a little more pissed off more easily. so what do i do? i complain that i'm not included..that i'm ignored. my sister has new friends that just moved in next to us..that are MY AGE..and she says, "you're immature! they got JOBS..they got THEIR OWN PLACE" my other friends do too!! and i'm SOOOOOOOOOO not immature!! i got a sense of humour dammit! just because i mess around with my nieces, don't make me immature. i'm HAVING FUN! ok. :( i know a lot more than she does, and she knows NOTHING about me. she doesn't have the time to care, it seems. all she cares about is Alex. that's all she talks about. "oh boohoo, he left me..boohoo freaking hoo" I DON'T BLAME HIM!! i'm glad she ain't tellin' me her prob's anymore. now she's got Mallory to cry with. hahah. but then again, i hate how they're all in her room, having fun and talking, and i'm in the living room all by my damn self, just watching tv. they ignore me. and they don't take me anywhere either. like the mall or whatever. SO, ya know what? they can ALL go screw themselves. someday, i'm gonna be wayyyyy more successful and have a lot more than they'll ever have. and they'll basically BEG me to help them. not that my nieces would need it, 'cause their dad is Mr. Moneybags. anyway, i just might not care..since they never did about me. i had a worse life then ANYONE in my family. mom was a drunk, i had no friends 'cause of that, people teased me because of my weight, i BARELY had any friends until high school, i was abusive to animals, i stole money, no one taught me NOTHING about life, i keep getting fired, i have social anxiety, my clothes are old and worn out, i can only get food stamps (that's all i got :( ), my grandparents and mom died when i was young, my dad is an asshole, my brother was brainwashed by his bitch wife, so..i have NO ONE. i know i have her, but right now, she is NO ONE. she may care that i have no where to go, but she don't care about my feelings. AT ALL! no damn sympathy..from ANYONE (but you guys, 'cause you guys are COOL..and caring. thx! :D )...dammit. *sobs* and people who treat me like crap, online and offline, know NOTHING about me, so naturally, they have no right.

i can't wait to get away from them all. seriously.


well...2 weeks left. :( at least i've watched some new shows on tv. like American Inventor..Unam1mous..The South Park and Mind of Mencia eps..the usual. hehe. i think Numb3rs had it's season finale a couple weeks new eps were aired recently. :( i hope it don't get cancelled. i'll be PISSED OFF LIKE HELL!! but then again, this is CBS..they RARELY cancel stuff. unlike NBC and FOX. lol!

and it was expected that "Chicken Little" was booted off AI. haha. i think Taylor will make it to at least the top 5. :D GO TAYLOR!! LOVEEEEE!! wooot!!

i hope these 2 weeks go by fast. it's so not fair. :( just think of all the brushes/textures/etc that i'll be downloading when i get back. it'll take me FOREVER to browse LJ. i'll just go on selected comm's and check out the updates.

aaaand..i got some stuff to make Pedja's birthday scrapbook thing. :D so, i'll be doing that too. yay!!

anyway, i'm gonna go before my time runs out..16 min. left, unless i get an extension. not likely, though.

be back at the library on monday..hopefully. :D