March 27th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries

man, i should keep my big mouth shut!!

i hope i don't piss you guys off when i say this, but i REALLY hope that immigration bill passes. *starts heated opinion that may piss people stop reading if you are AGAINST the bill*..ok, we have TOO MANY illegals here. i'm in Arizona, so it's a HUGE problem. I support moving to a better life and the "American Dream", but you need and should do it LEGALLY. human smuggling pisses me off. our border sucks ass. not only human and drug smuggling, but they're doing it with puppies too! (and did you guys hear about the guy who raped a little dog in Phoenix a few days ago? that's sick!!! URGH!!!) so, i really really REALLY hate the way things are going in the southern US. it's also hard to get a job with this problem, too. most jobs you HAVE to be bilingual (spanish/english)..and i REALLY don't feel like learning spanish to get a job. geezus! :( it's soooo not fair. so, if you're thinking that i'm a racist white chick that's pissed off, you're wrong. i don't care who the hell you are, black or white or whatever, you need to immigrate here LEGALLY. ...i rest my case. LOL!! *DONE!!*

anyway, the torture is halfway over. about 10 or so days left. good thing Numb3rs and House have new eppys this week. :D i've been mostly watching Comedy Central. that Ron White guy is great. saw his special last night. :)

i've been looking around, planning what i'm gonna buy when i get a job. first off, i'm gonna have a new computer specially built for me. i think it's better that way. i can choose what i want in it, and how much space to get. which i think, should be the CRAP LOAD!!! (and a DVD-R/ROM w/e in it, too) i hope i'm not charged too much for it. i'm gonna start saving my money for it, of course.

oh yeah, and i finished Pedja's birthday scrapbook page on saturday night. :D i hope it looks ok!! i thought i used paint, but it was colored glue and it's not showing well since it's a black board. :( oh well. like he's gonna care! hehehe! i'll send that asap, mandy :D

awww...23 minutes left on here. :( i should get the hell on and go to other message boards. i doubt i'll get an extension. since this library is small. the one by my condo is just finished with remodeling today.. wish i knew that. hahah. i HATE the Bethany Home Rd. bus. it was 20 minutes late, and almost ran into 2 cars. :( and i had to wait 90 minutes to get on the computer. lol!

so..see ya'll thursday...when another library trip will take place -_-