March 30th, 2006

STOCK: food - blueberries

i'm much happier right now...

...why? 'cause i got a week left of torture, that's why. :D it's been about 2 or so weeks already. and i'm more happy than i was last week..when my family got on my damn nerves. now we're cool. things are fine. i think they got the message.

i ALMOST got internet last night, when my sisters ex-bf was gonna hook something from his phone to my computer..forgot what it was called. oh well. didn't work. :( they ripped him off!! >:O

House wasn't that good..except the beginning. i'm pretty sure the next episode will be great. South Park was a'ight. hheheheh..having a hibrid car makes you smug. hahaha. mmkay. Mind of Mencia is awesome. I loooooove Carlos. *heart* his parody of Kanye West was priceless. he's right, kanye has his head too far up his ass. geez!

question ladies, if a guy tells you how much he loves you, and talks about the past, and says things like, "i don't care what anyone thinks, i will always love you.." do you think he's got something to hide? something VERY bad..i can sense it. he's covering something up. he must have did something naughty. either that or he's trying to keep me from leaving him..'cause he's a loser. i don't care less if we break up..i'm fine on my own. i never saw him once since he came back. that bastard!!!

not much to report on..i'm just more happier than i was last time. the days are going by faster than they were last week, it seems. and on friday (not tomorrow, but next week..duh), i'll be HELLA BUSY!! not only does our stuff come back on, but i have to record Degrassi and go to the grocery store. and upload those screencaps and do tony's site..and LJ stuff. and chat and whatnot.

i've made a cool icon effect. i won't reveal that until i get back. i'll write a tutorial on it. :D

anyhoo..not much time left. see y'all on sunday. :D (2 more library visits to go..yay)
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