April 2nd, 2006

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A FEW MORE DAYS LEFT!! and my life will begin again. every day is the same damn thing. wake up, check the mail, watch tv, eat dinner, watch tv, go on computer to do pic stuff and listen to music..just sitting there.

i'm so tired right now. stupid kids didn't go to their dads this weekend. which means more noise during my sleeping hours. :( at least i had about 4 hours of sleep today. i'll just take a huge nap tonight.

well..since they'll be at their dads next weekend, i'll have more time to do things online..since i'll stay up later.

the Kids Choice Awards were ok. at least HP got some stuff. :D i don't remember seeing that it won best movie, though. i just read that on a site. i saw that it got the best book award, though. and why are the same people awarded every time? it annoys me. :( (at least stupid Raven lost. hahah. sorry if you like her..don't be offended.. teehee...) and it's good that Drake Bell is fine now.

i have a hybrid car..and i'm smug and i love the smell of my own farts, and i live in San Francisco. and my name is Lauren Saavedra Melms..and i have greyish hair. that sentence was brought to you by last weeks South Park. i loved the "George Clooney Oscar acceptance speech" smug cloud. hahah. mother fucker..didn't deserve the Oscar..Paul did..DAMMIT!! and i don't really have a hybrid car..or ANY car for that matter. haha.

speaking of grey hair, did you see the kids in the audience on American Idol that dyed their hair grey in honour of Taylor. HOW CUTE!! :D

i'm having random program error problems. my Image Ready won't work right for some reason. first i tried to open it, and it gave me a "blah blah blah due to a program error" message..and wouldn't open. and when i did get to open it, it only could open 2 images..it wouldn't open or make a new document, it'd give me the same error message. what the hell happened? i'm sure i can make it work if i restart my computer..too lazy right now.

if my photoshop has ANY errors of ANY kind, it'll be the end of the world for me. that program is the most important one i have. *sobs*

i can't wait until friday. so much i'll be doing this weekend. :D i hope this week goes by fast. HOORAY!
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