April 19th, 2006

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What in the world did Lauren do with her layout? Fixed it! that's what. this one is sooooo much better. those ads were clouding up the variable flow one. and VF sucks ass now. it's boring me. Don't worry, I'll fix the header pic and colors later.

I'm enjoying this new "sponsorship" account thingie. I don't care if there are ads. at least they're not pop ups!! and besides, it's pretty much the same as a paid account..almost. i think i might make a Tony Munch mood theme. as you can see, i've not used my GoF one lately. i'm lazy. i'm sick of copying and pasting my codes. :(

anyway, i had a job interview (YES OMG I HAD ONE FINALLY!!) at KMart (don't hate..ok..hate all you want 'cause i hate it too) for a cashier position. it went ok. they'll let me know on friday. if i DO get the job, chances are i might not get to see The Wiggles at the end of the month, if i start immediately. O_O but that's ok..i went to the concert last year. hehe.

so many strange things have been going on since yesterday. weird. and Taylor did GREAT on AI..as usual. SOUL PATROL!..oh, and when i voted, i swear, the lines weren't busy for an hour straight..i just sat there and voted..probably about 500 times..all through House. and speaking of House..Foreman is an asshole!! dammit.

mmkay..i'll stop talking. i gotta finish my friends page and go to bed. i've not had much sleep 'cause of the job interview. i think i'll go swimming when i wake up early. it's that time of the year. :D
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