May 4th, 2006

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I suppose I SHOULD write about SOMETHING

I nearly had a heart attack these past few days. My diskspace suddenly went bye bye for some reason. turns out, my PhotoShop temp file got REALLY big. don't know why. so, i went deleting A LOT of stuff. I figured maybe i could quit PS and restart..maybe that would do something. and it did! i went from a 1.4GB temp file to a 660MB temp file..the usual size. i don't know why the temp file got so huge. now i'm back to having 1.5GB of free space. :D

anyhoo, i'm gonna make some patterns. 'cause they're cool.

Tony was on Naturally, Sadie again. on "Election"..found out the other day. recorded it yesterday. HOT DAMN..he's got some fuz on his face. lol! he was on it before, if you remember. i'll cap that in a few days..when my nieces go to their dads. i'll borrow their little tv so i can cap it from that. i didn't think of doing that before. DOY! ;)

I didn't get either job, btw. those bastards. it's not fair! i think that one lady (at the office job) judged me based on my clothes. bitch. -_-

i'm gonna try to get disability money. i found out i could get $600/month. KICK ASS! XD

i suppose that's it for now. :)

OH YES..about my icon. i made some Stan Ianevski icons. (not sure if i'm gonna share them with the hp icon world..might be goin' a little TOO far with them..even more so than laurel_tx's pervVy stuff ) ..why? 'cause he's got quite a bulge. ;) hahha. his package is just DYING to get out. for me to enjoy. muahahahah! i'd tap that. fo' sho'!!!
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