May 18th, 2006

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DUDE!!! they post that damn song every day. why request it? stupid Bad Day. >:(

speaking of "Bad Day"..i had a GREAT day..since Elliott the FUNKY white boy is GONE WOOHOOO!!!! i've waited for this for a long ass time.

So, who's it gonna be? Taylor or Katharine? TAYLOR FTW!!!! :D :D :D

i wouldn't mind if Kat won, good thing i can tolerate her.

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STOCK: food - blueberries

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OMFG (part 2) ..haha my stupid 16 yr. old neice broke our other computer. like the other ones we had.

not like i give a rats ass about other other computer but...

when we try to start it up, it now says, "operating system not found" or whatever. OOOOH BRI!!! WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?!?!?!?! i think i should blame myspace again. yah yah i know, probably a hyprocrite since i have one now..which i barely use. but that is the ONLY thing she goes on. so it HAS to be it. somehow.


and i thought MY computer had problems. i'm not gonna let her use my computer. it's her dad's problem now..since he's the 'computer guru'. haha. but it would be nice if i got my old computer back..and got rid of this one. but i'd have to save ALL MY stuff somewhere so i can download it on the other one. i have over 900 fonts, and i simply can't let those go. haha. so..i don't wanna give this one up.

and what is worse is that other computer can't recognize the CD-ROM drive. it's not there. so..they can't reinstall XP. lols. (neither will this one..i've tried many times)
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